Munga Grit Tankwa 2022

General Description:

A single-stage mountain bike race through the Tankwa Reserve in the Karoo.

Over the course of the Munga’s history, two things have become apparent.

One, plenty of riders are motivated and intrigued by our unique race format and want to give it a ‘try’, but the distance is mentally challenging compared to most other South African mountain bike races.

Two. Our Mini Munga training rides out west have become incredibly popular with riders asking us for more and longer rides! They also want to race the Mini Mungas! Thus the idea of Munga Grit was born. To offer a cross over or bridge if you will, to the main event.

Event Date: 2022-04-08 to 2022-04-10
Province: Western Province
Online Entries close: 2022-04-12
Enquiries to: The Munga Team
Website address:
Online Entry URL: Enter here
Discipline category: MTB
The craziest, life altering experience you can have on a bike. The Munga Grit is roughly half the distance of the Munga MTB, so just over 500km. But riders will only have 50 hours.