Why Choose MyActive

All our profits go towards uplifting South Africans in need

Besides our superb product offering, we are a level 1 BBBEE Procurement partner that is 65% owned by the “Light of Hope Homes and Schools” and 35% owned by “ServeSA Communities” not-for-profit charities.

At the Light of Hope Homes and Schools

We house, feed, educate and uplift those in need

Whether a person is neglected, destitute or spiritually afflicted, we are there to help in our own special way to bring God’s peace and tranquility into their hearts, irrespective of their background. Because we take care of the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our beneficiaries in accordance with the teachings of Christ, our success rate is very high – even for the most difficult cases, such as helping in the recovery of hardened criminals, drug addicts or mentally ill people.

For the children under our care and neighbourhood children in need

Basic skills training and workplace exposure in partner companies.

Running soup kitchens, packaging food parcels and distributing them

Counselling, prayers, Bible studies and the healing Sacraments of Christ

Three meals a day, shared tasks and responsibilities, uplifting activities

Assisting and supporting neighbouring communities wherever we can.
At ServeSA Communities


Sometimes all a person needs is a little support to help get them through the rough seas that they have found themselves in. In this instance, we assist with counselling, prayers and the provision of financial support grants, in particular for mothers who have come into difficult times and have the additional responsibilities of bringing up young children.