MyActive is an easy to use yet sophisticated, feature-rich event entry management solution with full e-commerce capability.  Our offering  has evolved from years of experience and expertise in servicing large sports event organisers in South Africa. The value of our offering lies in the level of autonomy it provides event organisers in engaging with their event participants through an easy to use online interface.
The MyActive Quick Events solution is our 100% self-service offering for events that require single participant bookings, while MyActive Custom Events requires a consultant to set up for you based on your special requirements. It offers additional functionality as well as a highly customisable online entry experience, designed for both individual and team based entry processes. Key features for both packages are highlighted below:
Some key features in MyActive Quick Events and MyActive Custom Events include:
Email and SMS communications can be sent to all participants or groups of participants in any stage of the entry process. Event organisers can upload spreadsheet based marketing databases or send communication across multiple event databases to current or past participants. The system allows for the creation of your own newsletters, invitation emails and event notifications to participants through a user-friendly interface and content editor. In addition, automated emails for registration and payment can be customised according to the event’s specific branding objectives.
Online Payment Processing
The option of credit card and EFT payment methods offers participants a seamless and secure way to process payments online.  Event branded payment receipts are automatically issued to participants on receipt of credit card or traditional EFT transfers. MyActive has taken online entries and payment to the next level with its innovative automatic EFT reconciliation feature.  The tradition of having to manually reconcile and follow up on the EFT portions of your payments, which come at a significant administration cost has been replaced with a solution that now takes ownership of the whole collection and reconciliation process in an automated fashion.
Free Micro Website
A unique offering of MyActive is that an event organiser is empowered to set up and manage a fully functional self-branded event website which has a presence throughout the year. In a few easy steps a basic website can be setup per event at no additional cost. More advanced website capability is available on request and can be customised through our partner company, Entelect. Event organisers are also able to make use of alternative website providers, where the online entry process is tagged onto the master website. The event still has a presence on MyActive as an additional value-added marketing option.
Online Product Sales
An event organiser has the option of offering multiple products either for free (such as T-Shirts and Goodie Bags) or at a cost with quantity levels and product options defined. Products which require a variable amount payments such as donations can also be configured. Our dynamic products allow for more complex products options where additional participant information is required for booking a specific product. Examples include the booking of transportation (to and from the event), event accommodation or additional services surrounding the event.
Additional Features
A host of other features ensure a functionally rich experience for participants and event organisers. Features can be enabled or disabled making MyActive suitable to events of any size and type. Ranging from multiple pricing options for entry fees (early bird/late entry fees or special group fees) to bar-coded ticketing, MyActive Events will meet most organisers eventing requirements. If we do not have a feature we have the ability to develop custom features. Through our extensive partnerships, we also have access to other value-added products, such as loyalty, timing, social media, mobile tracking and membership management solutions.
Extensive Entries Management
With MyActive’s online solution you can personally handle the entire technical race office and online engagement for all your events through a single back office interface. Our role-based back-office operations interface provides administrators with flexibility and control of all online entry processes and rich real-time reporting functionality. The system caters for events to be configured as a series, allowing for automatic identification of participants who have previously entered an event, invitational entries, wait-list team statuses, as well as inter-event features such as moving participants and payments between different events.